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A List for 15 Chinese Mainland Universities with Top Features

1. The best university for aerospace: Nanjing Uiversity of Aeronautics and Astronautics
2. The pioneering finance and economics academy: Central University of Finance and Economics
3. The best known Chinese university of communication: Shanghai Jiaotong University
4. The pioneering Chinese academy for higher education: Beijing Normal University
5. The pioneering politics and law university of China: China University of Political Science and Law
6. The Chinese university with the longest history and fullest language species: Beijing Foreign Studies University
7. The earliest institute for post and telecommunications higher education in China: Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications
8. The first normal university establish in New China: East China Normal University
9. The earliest overseas Chinese institute for higher education in China: Jinan University
10. The birth place for Chinese modern agriculture higher education: China Agricultural University
11. The first medical university established by Chinese Communist Party: China Medical University
12. The highest i8nstitute for forestry education: Beijing Forestry University
13: The No. 1 institute for Geology: China University of Geosciences
14. TheNo.1 institute for ocean education: Ocean University of China
15. The No.1 institute for mining industry education: China University of Mining and Technology