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Great Thanks for CUECC and Stella

My name is Abel Hara. I come from the nation of Zambia which is a country in the southern part of Africa. I count it a privilege to have the rare opportunity to study in The People’s Republic of China  where I will have the privilege of not only graduating as a Medical Doctor in a few years but also getting a lot of insight and experience regarding the culture and the people of this beautiful nation. One of the things that has touched me the most about the Chinese people is their kindness to me as a foreign student and their work culture which emphasizes discipline and diligence. I will forever be grateful for the people I have been honored to meet in this great nation.                      

I am currently an international Student who is in his first year at Gannan Medical University in the city of Ganzhou in Jiangxi province of China. I have also had the privilege and honor of getting acquainted with the basic medical coursework at Dalian Medical University where I studied for two years before deciding to apply to another university in order to be able to study Clinical Medicine (MBBS) in the English language which would ultimately serve me better since I planned to work in my country before pursuing further education in form of a Masters Degree. I had come to China under a program that required me to study the Medical content in the Chinese language. During that process, two things happened: I fell in love with the Chinese language and the country itself; and I realized that I had a passion to study Clinical Medicine (MBBS) and that in order to realize my passion and become the kind and quality of Medical Doctor I needed to be, I had to find a relatively affordable but reputable institution of learning within (China which I had grown to love) and which would offer lectures in the English language in order to make my understanding better and prepare me for the environment at home. At this point , I decided to give myself a second chance because I believed my medical dream was worth it and I began to also around for information regarding Universities that fit the desired criteria. 

In the beginning, my search was fruitless.  Most universities I was applying to for a transfer had either stopped admitting new students or couldn’t admit me owing to the peculiarity of my situation(having being in China for over a year and admitted in another medical university though under an English program) . I became quite frustrated and I almost gave up at the prospect of being able to continue my medical Education in China since the Chinese program I was under was not very effective for me. I began to wonder if i would get the opportunity at all. I was on the verge of giving up when I came across a link to the website for CUECC online. I was really eager to find a way to continue my medical studies in the country I have gradually grown to love . 

When I got to contact CUECC, I was privileged to get in touch with one of the representatives by the name of Stella. I explained my situation to her in its fullness and she not only informed me of the reality of the probability of me being admitted into a Medical University where I would be taught in English, but she also tirelessly encouraged me and invested time to help me find a university that was both affordable and also highly reputable and WHO affiliated and recognized. She recommended Gannan Medical University to me. She instructed me on the relevant documents I had to prepare since I was still in China and the step I had to take to be able to apply. In the beginning, my application was not successful owing to the fact that I had already been in China for more than a year and learning Medical Content in Chinese had not been effective for me. At this point I thought it was over. Stella never gave up on me. I had communicated with her regarding my passion to become a Medical Doctor and my commitment to see that dream come to pass. She believed in my commitment and integrity and kept presenting my case to to the admission authorities at the school to which I had applied. She tirelessly informed them of my character and my past high school qualification and my experience in learning the Chinese language as well as my commitment to become an excellent medical Doctor. Through Stella and CUECC, I eventually got an opportunity to be interviewed by the University after they had accepted my application documents and I was able to pass the interview! I had to go home for two months in order to apply for a visa again since I was going to a new university where I would be taught in English. 

I successfully applied for a visa after receiving my JW202 form and now I am back in China as a Medical student at Gannan Medical University. I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to Stella and CUECC for helping to make my dream come true and giving me a platform to apply to the University so that I can begin to actively pursue my dre to become a Medical Doctor of Excellence. I could have applied to a Medical university in My country but I have gotten so accustomed to living in this beautiful nation that I couldn’t imagine getting my undergraduate degree elsewhere. Thankyou very much for this priceless opportunity. Now is the time for me to fully utilize this chance and become a Medical Doctor with excellence and also learn valuable life lessons in the country called China which means a lot to me and which has given me so much

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