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China, home to a tremendous regional diversity

My name is Kudavuta Kennedy Kujinga, and I am from Zimbabwe. I am a first year student studying Computer Science and Technology at Zhejiang University Of Science And 

Technology. Culturally, I’ve not found Chinese people to be unfriendly at all. If anything, the novelty of seeing a white and brown guy trying to speak Chinese amuses many people. 

People have generally been both patient and helpful with me while I transitioned into the Chinese way of life. As for livability, China is actually quite modern and comfortable. China 

has grown so rapidly especially where I study in Hangzhou, so recently, that many things are very modern, despite being quite cheap. Life in China is extremely affordable if you come

 from a developed nation, but you won't have to forgo the comforts of home. CUECC has done a fantastic job with helping me with the rather complex procedure of applying to 

universities and they managed to help select the best university for the course I wanted to pursue. I am having the best time of my life, why shouldn`t you? Come over and study in 

China, home to a tremendous regional diversity in terms of everything from terrain and weather to culture, language and food.







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