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Good scholarship universities for september intake 2018!
By Stella on 2018-03-20

Full Scholarships Universities

1. Zhejiang University

Location: Hangzhou city, Zhejiang province 


integrative Biomedical sciences(cooperated with university of Edinburger)

dual degree engineering(BACHELOR) : mechanical engineering, electricial engineering, computer engineering and civil and encironmental engineering(cooperated with univerisity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

philosophy, mathematics&Economics (PME), bachelor , 4 years

2. Tianjin University

Location: Tianjin city



Chemical Engineering

Pharmaceutical Technology

Environmental Science and Engineering


Chemical Engineering

Civil Engineering

Hydraulic Engineering

Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering

Pharmaceutical Technology

Software Engineering


Landscape Architecture

Urban Planning

Mechanical Engineering

Environmental Engineering

3. Nanjing university of science and technology

All english taught

Bachelor  program:

Mechanical engineering

Industrial engineering

Pharmaceutical engineering


Electronic information engineering

Software engineering

International economics and trade


Materials science an engineering

Civil engineering

Master program:

Mechanical engineering

Biochemical engineering

Environmental Science and engineering

Chemical engineering and technology

Optical engineering

Information and communication engineering

Computer science and technology

International  trade

Power engineering and engineering thermophysics


Control science and engineering



Civil engineering 


Meterial science and engineering 

Doctoral programs:

Mechanical engineering

Biochemical engineering

Environmental Science and engineering

Chemical engineering and technology

Optical engineering

Information and communication engineering

Computer science and technology

Power engineering and engineering thermophysics


Control science and engineering


Meterial science and engineering 

4. Minjiang University

Location: Fuzhou city, Fujian province

Fall intake 2018

Bachelor major:

International education in Chinese (Tuition fee:14,000 Yuan /school year (RMB)

Garment design and engineering (Tuition fee:15,500 Yuan /school year (RMB)

Note: The applicant shall have reached a certain level of Chinese language(HSK Level 3 or above). 

Accommodation fee:

The fee is 2600 Yuan/year/person for double room (restroom、air conditioner、water heater)

Scholarships: Tuition fee and accommodation fee all reward back to students, after arriving school a month  and every month give students 800-1000yuan stipend.

Deadline: July 1st

5. Shaoxing University 

Location: Shaoxing, Zhejiang province

Fall intake 2018

Master's degree

English taught courses :

Chemical engineering

Civil Engineering 

Chinese taught courses :

Business administration 

Chinese language and culture 

( requirements: if students who wanna study Business administration, but Chinese is not good, can study one semester Chinese first, also accommodation & tuition free + 500rmb stipend per month. Need students to have Chinese background, and after one semester can get HSK4. Students who already have HSK4 can be directly enrolled. The major: Chinese language and culture must be applied with students have HSK4 and above)



Physical examination form,

application form, 

Bachelor degree certificate, transcripts, 

two letters of recommendation from professors. 

6. Gansu Agricultural University

fall intake of 2018

master courses all Chinese taught, need HSK 4

Doctor courses all english taught 

Master Program (Chinese taught) :

Regional Economics

Doctor programs (English taught) :


Crop protection

Grassland biodiversity

Forage science

Grassland Protection

Animal Genetic Breeding and Reproduction

Animal Nutrition and Feed Science

Animal Production Science

Animal Food Nutrition and Engineering

Crop Cultivation & Farming System

Crop Genetics and Breeding

Vegetable Science

Basic Veterinary Science

Preventive Veterinary Science

Partial Scholarships universities

1. Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications

Location: Nanjing city, Jiangsu province

Programs ( All English taught courses):


Electronic Information Engineering (15000rmb/year) 

Business Administration (14000rmb/year)

Computer Science and Technology (15000rmb/year)


Business Administration (18000rmb/year)

Information and Communication Engineering (20000rmb/year) 


Information and Communication Engineering (25000rmb/ year)

Special requirements: 

1. IELTS ( Students from countries which do not regard English as official language needs ielts 5.5 above)

2. Family economy certificate (more than 2500 US dollars)

Accommodation Fee: 4000 yuan / year / person (double room)

2.Ningbo University 

3.Nanjing Univeristy of information Science and technology


Computer science and technology

Electronic Information Engineering

International economics and trades

Tuition fee: 15000rmb/ year

Accommodation fee: 4000rmb/ year single room  3000rmb/ year double room

Application fee: 500rmb

Scholarship: Tuition free for first year

4. Shandong jiaotong university


Bachelor program


Automobile Service Engineering(scholarship available)


Civil Engineering (Specialized in bridge and road)(scholarship available)


Computer Science(scholarship available)


E-Commerce(scholarship available)


Information Management & System(scholarship available)


International Business(scholarship available )


International Law(scholarship available)


Mechanical Engineering(scholarship available)




Master program

Computer Science(scholarship available)

Mechanical Engineering(scholarship available)

Information Management & System(scholarship available)

5. Shijiazhuang Tiedao university

Bachelor majors

International Economics and Trade  ( Tuition fee: 16000rmb/year)

Electrical Engineering and Automation (Tuition fee: 17000rmb/year)

Computer science and technology   (Tuition fee: 17000rmb/year)        

Civil Engineering  (Tuition fee: 17000rmb/year)

Mechatronic  (Tuition fee: 17000rmb/year)

Master majors

Business Administration  (Tuition fee: 18000rmb/year)

Electrical Engineering    (Tuition fee: 18000rmb/year)

6. Jilin Huaqiao University of Foreign Languages

Location: Changchun city, Jilin province (Two hours' flight from Beijing)

Majors for bachelor degree (Chinese taught)

International Chinese Education

Chinese Language and Literature

International Economics and Trade



Hotel Management 

Tourism Management


Requirement: HSK4 level or above

Master programs



International Chinese Education

International business 

Scholarships : 

7. Shenyang Pharmaceutical University

Location: Shenyang, Liaoning Province

Undergraduate programs: 


Traditional Chinese Medicines

Pharmacy( clinical

Tuition: 25,000 yuan / year

Accommodation: 5,000 yuan / year (double room) 9000 yuan / year (single room)

8. Zhejiang Business Technology Institute

Location: Ningbo, Zhejiang province

One year Chinese language course 

9. Lishui university

Bachelor degree.

Majors (English taught)


Computer science

International trade

10.Gannan Medical University (GMU)


Location: Province Jiangxi


Gannan Medical University Required Documents


2/ Secondary school transcript with notary (MCI)


4/Letter of motivation 

5/Recommend letter from 2 teachers (if they can provide) 

6/Gannan Medical University Application Form

Student’s Requirement 

1/ Good conduct and good health(physical & psychological )

2/Latest two year Secondary School Transcript more than 70% of total marks,English/Physics/Chemistry/Mathematics/Biology more than 68% of each subject.

11. Jiangsu University

Location: Zhenjiang, Jiangsu province (Two hour’s train from Shanghai)

Bachelor majors (English taught)

Accounting (Tuition fee:18000rmb/year)

Business Administration (Tuition fee:18000rmb/year)

Chinese Linguistics&Literature (Tuition fee:16000rmb/year)

Civil engineering (Tuition fee:20000rmb/year)

Food Science&Engineering (Tuition fee:20000rmb/year)

International Economic&Trade (Tuition fee:18000rmb/year)

Mechanical Engineering (Tuition fee:20000rmb/year)

Accommodation 4500-4900rmb (double room)


Electrical Engineering 24000rmb/year

Materials Science and Engineering 24000rmb/year

Business Administration  30000rmb/year

Chinese Materia Medica  38000rmb/year

Biology  24000rmb/year

Applied Economics  22000rmb/year

Public Administration 22000rmb/year

Pharmaceutical Science 38000rmb/year

Clinical Medicine  38000rmb/year

Computer application technology 24000rmb/ yr

12.BinZhou Medical University

Location: Binzhou city, Shandong province

MBBS for Fall 2018 ( application time starts from May)

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