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Good scholarship schools for March intake 2018!
By sally on 2017-11-08

Chinese universities started the application for March intake 2018!


Do you want to apply for scholarship? Guide by CUECC and you can get scholarship easier.


Degree scholarship for March intake 2018


1. Sanming University

Bachelor: Mechanical Engineering & Automation, Chemical Engineering & Technology (English)

Scholarship: Free tuition fee for the first year.


2. North China university of water resources and electric power

Bachelor : International trade, mechanical automation, civil engineering (English)

Master : Water conservancy engineering, electric power engineering, enterprise management, computer science, environmental science (English)

Doctor : Water conservancy Engineering, Management Science and Engineering (English)

Scholarship: Tuition free for first year, following years need to see students performances at school.


3. Shijiazhuang Tiedao university

Bachelor: Business Administration, Electrical Engineering and Automation, Computer science and technology, Civil Engineering, Mechatronic (English)

Master: Business Administration, Electrical Engineering (English)

Doctor degree: Civil engineering (English)


Scholarship: Bachelor degree: 5000 tuition waiver for the first year (given at the end of the first semester)

PHD: free tuition fee and free hostel fee, and 5000rmb allowance per year.


4. Zhejiang International Studies University

Majors (Bachelor degree, English taught, 4 years)

International Economy and Trade, International Economy and Trade (Cross-Border E-Commerce), International Business, International Business (Marketing in China), Tourism Management, Tourism Management (Hospitality Management)


Scholarship: half tuition fee waiver scholarship.


Non-degree scholarship for March intake 2018


1. Zhejiang Business Technology Institute

Tuition+ Accommodation=6000rmb for one year Chinese language


2. Zhejiang A&F University

Tuition fee+application fee =7700rmb for one year


3. Chongqing University of Science and Technology

Tuition fee + accommodation= 6500rmb for one year

If you want to apply for those scholarship, please contact


Tel: 0086-571-88165697




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