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Good scholarships for september intake 2019!
By sophia on 2019-01-28

Chinese New Year is at the corner and most universities have started vocation already.

But CUECC is still open for all applications and here we will bring you some SUPER BOOM NEWS!

Scholarships for september intake 2019! 

School 1

Location: Beijing

Full Scholarship:

·Tuition fee free

·Accommodation on campus free

·Living allowance (Bachelor 2500CNY/month, Master 3000CNY/month, Doctorate 3500CNY/month)

·Comprehensive medical insurance

English-taught majors:

1. Bachelor degree: Environmental engineering; material science and engineering

2. Master degree: Environmental science and engineering; safety science and engineering; information and communication engineering; enterprise management; management science and engineering; international trade; public management (education economy and management)

3. Doctoral degree: civil engineering; safety science and engineering; mineral? processing engineering; mining engineering; engineering mechanics; fluid mechanics; environmental science and engineering; energetics and engineering thermophysics; metallurgical engineering; material science and engineering; mechanical engineering (machine manufacturing and automation; vehicle engineering); logistics engineering; control science and engineering; computer science and technology; information and communication engineering; physics; solid mechanics; general mechanics; chemistry; business management; management science and engineering

School 2(Asian students only)

Location: Chengdu

Full scholarship: free tuition, monthly stipend is 880 per month (scholarship duration is four years)

Majors available: Bachelor degree


                software engineering


                digital media technology


                software engineering (computer application technology)

                software engineering (software testing)

                software engineering (software service outsourcing to European & American)

                software engineering (software service outsourcing to Japan)

                software engineering (mobile and internet development technology)

                computer science and technology (embedded software development)

                digital media technology  

                computer science and technology (application system development)

                information management and information system 

                computer science and technology (game design)

                network engineering (Internet of things)

                network engineering (network security technology)

                network engineering (system integration)





                Animation (movie and television) (arts)

                Product modeling (arts)

                Information security technology

                Computer information management

                Computer information management (CRM)

                Logistic management

                Financial information management (ERP)

                Marketing and planning (IT)

School 3(Asian students only)

Location: Chengdu, Sichuan Province


Bachelor degree: 

Accounting; Business Administration; Economics; Finance

Master degree: (2 years)

Finance; Western Economics; Enterprise Administration; 

Doctoral degree: (4 years)

Western Economics; Enterprise Management; Industrial Economics

Scholarship:(full scholarship)

1) First Prize: Tuition fully waived; accommodation fee fully covered; allowance paid monthly (doctoral students: RMB2500 per person; master students: 2000 per person; bachelor students: 1500 per person)

2) Second Prize: Tuition fully waived; accommodation fee fully covered.

School 4

Location: Mianyang, Sichuan Province


Bachelor degree: (4 years)

Computer Science and Technology

Master degree: (2 years)

Biology; Chemistry; Computer Science and Technology; Control Science and Engineering; Environmental Science and Engineering; Information and Communication Engineering; Material Science and Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages; Physics; System Engineering

Doctoral degree: (3 years)

Control Science and Engineering; Environmental Science and Engineering; Biology; Material Science and Engineering


1)First Prize (FULL SCHOLARSHIP): Tuition fully waived; accommodation and insurance (RMB800 per person per year) fully covered; allowance paid monthly (doctoral students: RMB1200 per person; master students: 1000 per person; bachelor students: 800 per person)

2)Second Prize (TUITION WAIVER): Tuition fully waived

3)Third Prize (ALLOWANCE ONLY): Allowance paid monthly: doctoral students: RMB1200 per person; master students: 1000 per person; bachelor students: 800 per person)

School 5

Uni location: Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province

Majors available

  Bachelor Degree in full English

 "Business Administration"

 "Electronic Information Engineering"

 "Computer Science and Technology" 

  Master Degree in full English

 "Information and Communication Engineering"


  PhD of "Information and Communication Engineering" in English .

  Scholarship details

  1st year, 100% free tuition ;

  From 2nd year,based on performances.

  Lets suppose 10 students in total

                1st-5th students, 100% tuition free

                6th-8th,               75% tuition free   

                9th-10th,             50% tuition free 

If you are interested on any of those programs, please contact us soon at

First come, first served!

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