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Full Scholarship for Bachelor Degree Students-September Intake Open Now!
By shirly on 2018-12-24

Location: Chengdu


Full scholarship: free tuition, monthly stipend is 880 per month (scholarship duration is four years)


Majors available: Bachelor degree

A.    English-taught: software engineering


                digital media technology

B.     Chinese-taught: software engineering (computer application technology)

                software engineering (software testing)

                software engineering (software service outsourcing to European & American)

                software engineering (software service outsourcing toJapan)

                software engineering (mobile and internet development technology)

                computer science and technology (embedded software development)

                digital media technology 

                computer science and technology (application system development)

                information management and information system

                computer science and technology (game design)

                network engineering (Internet of things)

                network engineering (network security technology)

                network engineering (system integration)





                Animation (movie and television) (arts)

                Product modeling (arts)

                Information security technology

                Computer information management

                Computer information management (CRM)

                Logistic management

                Financial information management (ERP)

                Marketing and planning (IT)





1.      only students from One Belt One Road countries can apply for this scholarship

2.      applicants need to have HSK 5 if they want Chinese taught majors

3.      applicants need to provide English language proficiency certificate if they come from non-Eglish speaking countries (for those who don’t have any English proficiency certificate, they need to do an English video call interview with the teachers)

4.      average grades of the three academic years in high school should be above 85%


Required documents:

1.      application form

2.      high school certificate

3.      high school transcript

4.      language proficiency certificate

5.      scanned passport

6.      passport photo

7.      physical examination record

8.      non-criminal certificate


Other fees needed to be paid before get the JW202:

1.      registration fee: 1,000 RMB

2.      insurance fee: 800 RMB

3.      hostel fee: 4800 RMB/year (double-room)

4.      stay permit fee: 600 RMB

5.      physical examination fee: 600 RMB

6.      textbook fee: 800 RMB


Application deadline30th April, 2019

If you wanna know more about this University's programs and scholarships please contact :



Tel: 0086-571-88165968




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