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Gift of Nature---Lotus Root
By sally on 2016-05-23

  Shengwu and Maorong are twin brothers. Every September, they will come to the Jiayu county in Hubeing province, to pick up a kind of natural delicious food. This sort of plants live in the muds far away from the river. The root of what Maorong has dug is called lotus root, a kind of high produced vegetables in the lakes.

lotus root3.jpg

  As a professional of digging lotus roots, every year Shengrong and Maowu will be out for 7months. As soon as the season of lotus roots picking up, they will get to the place where is rich of lotus roots from their own home in Anhui province. The high payment make Shengrong and Maowu are willing to do the hard job. People who pick up lotus roots like cold weather, not because it's easy to pick up in cold weather but that people who buy the lotus roots or eat it will be more and the price will be high.

  There are still 5 months left to pick up a lake lotus roots. On the lake of Jiayu county, 300professionals keep working from sunset to sunrise every day. You will see the same picture year and year in every big province which is rich of freshwater lakes.

  Nowadays, when we have the power to be far away nature and enjoy delicious food, we should be grateful to the people who use their hands and brain to make so many delicious food.

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