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Main activities during Spring Festival

To celebrate the Chinese New Year and enrich the public's New Year life, Jimei District Government is launching a series of interesting activities.
You can appreciate the flowers at the Yuanboyuan (Expo) Garden, go rock climbing in Double Dragon Pool Scenic Spot, watch South Fujian Opera in Fengquan Square etc. Apart from this, there are some small and interactive activities with an interesting sports match, Karaoke, and cultural performances etc.
The following are the details of some activities during Spring Festival in Jimei District:
1. "Love of mountains and the sea" Chinese Painting Exhibition
100 paintings created by artists from Jimei District of Xiamen and Jian Yang are displayed at the Culture Museum of Jimei Cultural Centre, the paintings show the natural scenery and unique cultural landscape of Jimei and Jian Yang.
Venue: Culture Museum of Jimei Cultural Centre
Date: 3rd to 18th Feb. 2010
2. Garden Party at Yuanboyuan (Expo) Garden
Featuring a flower exhibition focused on four types of flower: plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum.
Venue: Jimei Yuanboyuan (Expo) Garden
Date: 13th to 28th Feb. 2010
3. Rock climbing at Jimei Double Dragon Pool
Professional rock climbing coaches will be invited to the Jimei Double Dragon Pool to give demonstrations and training to rock climbing beginners.